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J&H Shoe Sole is dedicated to providing you with expert custom sole making and design knowledge and technology. We do not compromise on quality or time. Every sole is painstakingly crafted and made to last.

Each custom sole is individually priced based on your specifications and needs. Prices will vary depending on size, material, style, performance, tread patterns, etc.

Custom: Limitless Possibilities

You bring your idea, we bring craftsmanship.

Go Custom

3 Steps To Customize Your Sole

Our team of expert will help you bring your designs to life with our prototyping service. You can count on us as we are willing to share our view and thoughts of the sole for footwear industry, and open doors for you to see how we custom your soles.

  • Our CAD guys are using software to create a draft for your reference.

    Step 1: Concept & Design

    Send us your tech pack with designs and specs in it. Our CAD guys will make an accurate blueprint by using CAM programming and 3D models.

  • Workers are making a tooling for a new design.

    Step 2: Prototyping & Tooling

    Once we have finalized our design and material sourcing, 3D mock-up will be made based on the drawings. Tooling is needed only in case you require a new design.

  • We are ready for mass production of the shoe soles.

    Step 3: Production

    After the sample has been confirmed, we will start to make bulk orders. Every order will then go through our strict quality control procedures before packaging and shipping.

Tooling & Prototypes Development

We employ the latest state-of-the-art facilities and technology in our prototypes services for rapid prototypes and better communication with customers.

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