Benefits From Our Service

Our professional consultancy is answering your question on the phone.

Knowledgeable About Industry,
Understand Your needs In Seconds.

With decades of experience, we know the right material and the right design that help you achieve your vision.

Get Expert Tips On Customized Soles

You can come to us for solutions when you need increased sole surface friction, more cushioning or durability, etc. Our sole experts will follow your design and provide you with the perfect solution.

Keep Abreast Of The Trends, Soles Are Always In.

Our R&D team explores the latest sole exhibitions, collects the hottest style elements and trends on the Internet, and notes down new customer needs. Our product categories will then be updated accordingly once a year to ensure you receive real-time updates on the current trends.

Workers utilize their decades of experience to craft your soles with care.

Rigorous in Production Process,
Craft Your Sole With Care.

J&H Shoe Soles have stood the test of time, since every sole is fabricated by heart.

Free 3D prototypes, 100% Similiarity To Production Parts

We provide you with the sample and the sole report. Without your verification, we won't start mass production.

Precision Molding, Machined By CNC

CNC machining we use to make the mold ensures flawless bulk orders.

Quality Material, FREE SGS Or INTEREK Certification.

We have a thumb of rule when sourcing material: Non-toxic, harmless and green. A test item can be produced upon your request and it's free.

QC are doing quality control on a shoe sole.

Focused On Customer Value,
We Stand Behind You 24/7.

Our well-trained customer service is available 24/7 by email or phone, which guarantees you have direct access to us when faced with problems.

On-Time Delivery, Well-Established Production Plan.

You will have our delivery status report. Our production planners will define a thoughtful plan in accordance with our manufacturing capabilities, ensuring there is no delivery delay.

Professional Packaging, Protect Your Soles With A Soul.

We offer specialty package solution to protect your product.

Quick Fix To Any Quality Issue.

You will recieve a satisfactory answer to your problem within 3 days. We will come up with an action plan in case it happen again.

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